The BDS Fellowship Programme

Besides Access to Finance, Nigeria’s over 41.5 million MSMEs [held back by critical Enterprise Growth Inhibitors (EGIs)] are requiring a wide range of Non-Financial Services that positions them to grow and expand their businesses with ease.

We are developing a Team of competent and highly inspired Young BDS Professionals to provide innovative Demand Driven Services and Market Oriented Non-Financial Services for Growth-Oriented Enterprises (GOE) across Nigeria.

Comprehensive Training

During the course of the programme, Fellows will undergo a comprehensive Entrepreneurship, Business Development Services (BDS), Financial Inclusion, Financial Literacy and BDS Voucher Administration Training. This will equip Young BDS professionals with practical BDS frameworks and tools to deliver non-financial services to MSME operators.

Internship Opportunities

After the Training and Certification Process, the Young BDS Professionals will be deployed to the field to acquire practical BDS field experience by creating awareness and stimulating demand for BDS among MSME Operators and be challenged to identify and provide measurable impact oriented BDS to Growth-Oriented Enterprises (GOEs) at a ratio of One (1) Fellow to Ten (10) Enterprise Operators under effective professional supervision.

In this maiden-edition of the BDS Fellows Programme, we are targeting 100,000 potential Young BDS Professionals for enrollment. This will translate to providing direct, impact-oriented BDS for 1,000,000 MSMEs across the country during this period.


This is a 12-month programme. We are currently receiving application into the 2021/22 Cohort. Click the button below to apply for the fellowship now.