The MSME Business Club

This is a Professional Membership Association of BDS Practitioners to deepen existing business relationships and forge new contacts regularly.

It provides opportunity for members to converge, engage, inspire and motivate one another as well as network with professional colleagues.

Share & Exchange

Members leverage the Club platform to share and exchange professional knowledge and practical experiences, discuss emerging trends and innovations to enhances the practice of BDS delivery.

Membership Benefits

  • Professional Networking Opportunities
  • Continuous Professional Development
  • Annual National BDS Conference
  • National MSME Policy Advocacy Group
  • BDS Workshops and Seminar
  • Access to Professional information
  • Access to Professional Business Opportunities

Membership Categories

Below are available membership categories.

VIP Members

They are elite members of the MSME Business Club. They are high level net worth MSME Chief Executives and MSME Consultants. They are sectoral policy influencers and thought leaders. They provide advisory services to other members

Corporate Members

They are Corporate Organizations that leverage the MSME BDS platform to upsell their MSMEs focused products and services.

Executive Members

They are middle level Corporate MSME Executives and MSME Consultants. They enjoy first caller advantage and right of refusal for all Business Opportunities.

Associate Members

They are Professional MSME Service Providers. They leverage the MSME BDS platform to provide services.

Young Executive Members

They are Aspiring and Startups Entrepreneurs. Startup capital to acquire a decent workspace, equipping the office, recruiting and paying qualified staff as well as corporate branding among other startup requirements remains critical distractions especially for aspiring and startup entrepreneurs.

The MSME Business Club in line with our “Doing Business Made Easy” philosophy provides the enabling environment for aspiring and startup entrepreneurs to focus on their core competences and concentrate on actualizing their dreams devoid of distractions.

The MSME Business Club under the auspices of the “The MSME Bureau” provides a decent and fully optimized co-working environment along with other critical administrative and logistical services that are required for running a business on a daily basis.

Graduate Members

They are emerging professionals. They enjoy professional training, access to information and Internship opportunities that could translate to permanent job opportunities.

Membership Subscription Fees

Membership LevelAnnual Fee (Naira)
Young Business Executive30,000.00