Why Skilledman.NG?

The 21st Century economy is inspired and driven by innovations, creativity and competitiveness with Information, Communication Technology (ICT) as key enabler.

Delivery of Quality Service

In contemporary times, convenience and customer satisfaction in service delivery is at the core of doing business.  Leveraging ICT to deliver quality TVET services by skilled and competent Artisans and Technicians that guarantees value for money is certainly a game changer for the Skill Sector in Nigeria and the benefits are simply unimaginable.


  • It enhances the image of TVET and facilitates ease of professional TVET service delivery.
  • It formalizes the TVET sector and enables Artisans and Technicians to provide professional TVET services that inspires customer confidence and guarantees value for money to customers at their convenience.
  • A well organized and structured TVET sector promotes professionalism, innovation and competitiveness and thereby guarantees quality and excellence in service delivery. It contributes to the development of the Nation’s economy.
  • It standardizes payment for Artisans and Technicians based on their level of individual competences and enhances the fortunes and income generation for Artisans and Technicians.
  • It inspires professionalism of TVET practitioners and Service Providers.
  • It inspires and encourages Artisans and Technicians to advance in their level of competences and certifications to position them to earn higher payments for their services.
  • It provides a ready pool of skilled, competent and certified Artisans and Technicians that can be drawn from by Public and Private Infrastructure and Estate Developer.
  • It facilitates access to Financial Inclusion and Financial Literacy for Artisans and Technicians.

About Skilledman.NG

Skilledman is an innovative ICT Solution designed to onboard only duly assessed, certified and competent artisans and technicians to leverage innovative technology solution to deliver professional TVET Services via a Web-based and Mobile-Enabled Service Platform.

Skilledman promotes TVET professionalism that enhances the fortunes of Artisans and Technicians through quality services delivery and value for money for patronizing customers.

With Skilledman, a customer is guaranteed of quality service and value for money from a professional and competent artisan or technician.

With Skilledman, a customer requiring service can locate a professional and competent artisan or technician with just a phone away and within minutes.